Contract Procurement



Receiving requests for information (RFI) and proposal (RFP) can be processed first by submitting customer’s questions through the Agent Leads Form located here. For U.S. government GSA contracts, RFI and RFP are posted on eBuy. More >


A new estimate is automatically created and notifications are sent after every estimate request submission. The notification to you will provide a link to this new estimate; allowing you to review, update, and send the estimate to your prospective client without having to communicate via email. For U.S. government GSA contracts, a Request for Quotations (RFQ) using the following Schedule(s) and SIN(s) is contemplated:

[Identify the Schedule(s) and SIN(s) required by the ordering activity to meet the total requirement.]


An invoice is automatically created from an accepted estimate for the contract. By default these newly created invoices are not sent to the client, instead you will need to review them before sending. Your notifications are meant to be setup to help review, mark, and send them out quickly. Optional smart contracts can be made to enforce performance and payment using blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, U.S. government contracts do not use this type of payment method but instead payment is made through

FAQ Invoice System

Where do I start?

  1. Start importing your data from other services (i.e. WP-Invoice, Freshbooks or Harvest).
  2. Even with the defaults set in General Settings the ‘Company Info’ should be filled out first.
  3. Review your Payment Settings and provide different methods of payments for your clients. Don’t let your client find out you’ve configured the payment processor incorrectly—make sure to test.
  4. There are a lot of notifications sent throughout the entire client acquisition process, make sure they have your personality and represent your brand well. You can send HTML emails, check your General Settings for more information.
  5. Grow your business while not forgetting about your loved ones…and the occasional round of golf.


How well am I doing?

The Reports Dashboard should key you on how well your’re growing your business. There are reports for the estimates, invoices, payments and clients available for filtering and exporting.


Clients & WordPress Users?

Clients have WordPress users associated with them and clients are not limited to a single user either. This allows for you to have multiple points of contact for a company/client.


What are Predefined Line Items?

Predefined line-tems help with the creation of your estimates and invoices by pre-filling line items. Create some tasks that matter to your business before creating your first estimate or invoice and you’ll see how they can save you a lot of time.


Can I import from X service or WP-Invoice?

Yes! WP-Invoice, Harvest and Freshbooks importers are now available.


I need help! Where is the support?

We want to make sure using Sprout Invoices is enjoyable and not a hassle. Sprout Apps has some pretty awesome support and a buddingknowledgebase that will help you get anything resolved. Support and documentation is limited for this free version.

Support Documentation