Our physical training courses offers a range of events aligned to training plans. Training plans ranging from bootcamp style physical fitness for military (PFA, BUD/S) to triathlons (Xterra, Ironman).
  • Voracity military PT is a program designed for military physical fitness exams. These exams include the quarterly physical fitness assessments (PFA) and special warfare units (BUD/S) in a 8 week intense plan.
  • Voracity (Swim, Bike, Run) is an advanced training plan for endurance training. Endurance races such as Ironman and Xterra focuses on the build phase where progressive strides in distance is key during this 20 week course.
  • This course is a physical fitness course for beginner triathletes. This tri boot camp course is to prepare one for a sprint triathlon normally a 12 week course. An emphasis on the base phase of training focuses learning important techniques of swimming, biking, and running.