Brain-inspired AI Intelligent Agent

Author: Albert Su, Date: July 25, 2019 What is the next generation, “third wave” of artificial intelligence (AI) going to look like? According to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a government agency that has the mission to make breakthrough technologies for national security, the “third wave” AI theory and applications where the “first wave” […]

Alzheimers Light-based therapy

Using LED lights flickering at a specific frequency, MIT researchers have shown that they can substantially reduce the beta amyloid plaques seen in Alzheimer’s disease, in the visual cortex of mice. This treatment appears to work by inducing brain waves known as gamma oscillations, which the researchers discovered help the brain suppress beta amyloid production […]

AI Robotics

AI borrowed from biological models transformed into robotics. When I was in undergrad, I had started a project as extra credit in artificial intelligence. At that time, as an electrical engineering student, this topic was mainly offered to graduate students. Fortunately, in our gymnastic team there were two graduate students studying AI. During practice, we collaborated research in artificial neural […]

Routing Protocol for LEO Satellites

Author: Albert Su, Date: March 2, 2017. The routing protocol discussed is the satellite grouping and routing protocol (SGRP) for low earth orbit (LEO) and middle earth orbit (MEO) satellite IP networks. SGRP routing protocol offers a solution for space based networking for satellites designed to transmit packets in minimum-delay path and distribute the routing table […]

CubeSat Satellite Risk Analysis

Project Risk Planning the project has a number of risks where planning is crucial in the successful development of a system. In this information technology (IT) project, I will briefly describe the CubeSat project where the following project risks are considered. What is the most significant risk that could lead to the failure of this […]