What is a Blue Team? A blue team is an independent group that is tasked in cyber security to defend against potential vulnerabilities that challenges an organization. The blue team plays defense using tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to defend the organization from the attackers such as the red team. For example, in cyber security a “hacker” would try to attack a military or civilian targets command and control using a TTP such as penetration testing to find a hole in the defense, while the blue team uses TTP such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) to find the attacks to a web site, operational logistics center, or critical infrastructure network.

What is Blue Team’s job? To protect critical elements for the survival of an organization. For example, critical infrastructures (electricity, gas, water, and communications) are important to an organizations survival may be the targeted by the adversary using TTP’s to destroy, deny, degrade, and disrupt.

Why is this important? This security assessment is important for any organization that wants to stay ahead of threats that may impact an organization’s ability to function. By providing these assessments, we can spot potential vulnerabilities resulting in a “mitigation” assessment where a patch or solution can be provided before a threat happens.