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Inspire, Excite, Perform

We are relentless, through our achievements we inspire, excite, and perform. We have the drive to train for a task practicing rigorously, relentlessly, and tenaciously. Even in the midst of failure we succeed, the finish line is within our hearts and minds. Athletes have a strong work ethic, seldom or never giving up and the ability to respect the inevitable issues of temporary pain. Upon this journey, we swim, bike, and run, knowing all too well the cause of pain is an issue too serious to safely ignore.

Albert Su
President of Voracity Sports

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  •   +1-312 239 8769
  •   Taiwan, Hawaii, Chicago

Voracity Ironheart Challenge

A triathlon with an electric heart. A pedal electric bike is provided during the race so no need to transport your bike!
Open water swim


1.5 km
Electric bike


30 km
Trail run


11 km


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