Electric Drones

Electric Drones

Electric drones for maritime and security operations.


Flight controller for high-performance applications.

Electric Motors

Electric motors with integrated electronics for eMobility.


Bluetooth communications to smart devices for greater serviceability.


Extending the range of electric vehicles with intelligent power management.

Battery Technology

Battery technology for greater power density, safety, and less weight.


Light electric vehicles (LEV) electric motors, controllers, batteries, and fleet managed/autonomy


Voracity Co.

Inspire, Excite, Perform

Our vision is to develop an underwater-launched UAV drone with unique autonomous capabilities underwater and in the air designed for maritime operations.


Voracity Co. is a joint collaboration between the private and public sector focusing on disruptive technologies (AI, visual odometry, batteries, flight controllers, sensors, communications) to address the rescue and security drone segments.

Personal Info

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