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Green Power Tech (GPT) project is a collaboration of green technologies in emobility.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) focusing on electric bikes (eBike).

Battery Technology

Advanced battery technology with greater power density.

Power motors

Greater power to electric motors.


Bluetooth communications to smart devices.


Extending flight time and range of drones.

Charging Stations

Charging for fleet of electric vehicles.


Each team member has over 15 years of industry experience in the high-tech sector.
Two doctorates on the team.



The Green Power Tech (GPT) project is a collaboration of green technologies applied to various applications. There are various green areas of focus such as electric mobility (eMobility). Electric Mobility (eMobility) is an electric-powered vehicle such as electric cars and electric bikes (eBikes). These forms of transportation are popular in countries where gasoline price is high, air pollution is high, and the cost of buying automobiles is high. In addition, governmental incentives such as rebates and tax incentives help to reduce the initial purchasing price of electric vehicles increasing the acceptance of eMobility. This positively impacts the environment by reducing green house emissions resulting in less gasoline-powered vehicles and more electric-powered vehicles.

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