Agent Application

Model Business Process

Figure 1. Business process.
Figure 1. Business process.


The business process shown in Figure 1 where the customer orders online an item from a catalog of products. The product in this scenario is a bike that needs to be ordered from the factory. The agent in charge of this product places the order to the factory and communicates back to the customer. The bike is then shipped from the factory a location where the bike is assembled ready to be picked up by the customer.


Use-Case Diagrams

Figure 2. Use case diagram.

The actor in this scenario is the customer, agent, and supplier in Figure 2 where the departments involved with this ordering system are sales, purchasing, and factory. These actors deal with many-to-many departments resulting in wasted time and money in a highly inefficient supply chain.



Figure 3. UML Alignment

What if these departments involved from customer to supplier are now aligned as opposed to being disjointed? Figure 3 shows the result of an efficient supply chain where the savings can be passed within the chain and the agent is the key.



Apply to become an agent. Once approved either as a sales vendor or wholesaler, one will be able to receive sales vendor or wholesaler discount prices. Sales vendor will be able to log onto Vendor Dashboard shown in Figure 4, where one can upload products to the website to create their online shop. Otherwise, if approved as a wholesaler shown in Figure 5, the next time when logging in, one can purchase at wholesale prices. Apply now to start receiving discounts!

Figure 4. Vendor Dashboard


Figure 5. Wholesaler Dashboard
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